cpu power


in the sensors sections under cpu power
it is reporting -14.265watts this is no where near what it should be the previous
version 3.92 read it properly for my fx-8150 not sure what happened with version 3.93.
I'm wondering, since there has been no change in later versions here. Does it report this value all the time?
Please attach a screenshot and the HWiNFO Debug File, so I can analyse it.
it stays like that no matter what I do idle full load anything.

odd it isnt letting me include a screen shot or debug attachment
for some reason it isnt letting me attach the debug report I add it and when I post its not there any idea why it wouldnt let it attach?


ok it let me send it that time.


  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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Thanks, it's indeed attached.
After analysing the data it seems, the CPU doesn't report power consumption as it should. I'll fix it not to report any value in such case (rather than invalid).
Are you sure this started to occur with certain HWiNFO version, or maybe you applied a BIOS update which caused this ?
well it all worked good and then I found out there were some issue with my bios chip
and asus sent me another one. well with the 3.92 version it was still working fine was showing anywhere from 103 to about 114. then when I updated to 3.93 is when it started showing that -14 deal.

im going to uninstall 3.93 completely clear all its info from the registery and make no files are left then try to reinstall it again and see if maybe some corrupted data got left over from 3.92 or something.
There was no change in this part of code between v3.92 and 3.93. I'd rather say it's because of the new BIOS.
Let me know if you determine what is causing this.
well i redownloaded 3.92 and now its doing the same thing. So I have no clue. Guess I'll just have to do without the power reading though I kinda depended on it to tell me how close to my limits I am.
That's what I was expecting ;)
If you want, you could dowgrade the BIOS to previous version and check if that was the cause.
not a matter of downgrading to previous bios its a matter of an entirely new bios chip. besides which im running an 8150 stepping back in bios hurts performance no thanks I'll pass. I'll just find another program that people want to support and make work.
Not a matter of not willing to making the program work or support, but now your CPU simply reports parameters which are crucial for calculating the power (ApmTdpLimit, TdpRunAvgAccCap) as zero. Without these parameters the calculation formula doesn't work and if there's any other program capable of reporting real CPU power, it won't work too. Your system configuration (be it the setup or BIOS) simply doesn't allow this to be calculated now. Maybe there's some setting disabled in the BIOS now...
hey martin I just got a new bios is there anyway you could reenable the cpu power thing in hwinfo 64bit I talked to the people at asus and have a nice new bios flash
apparently them goofs did something with the one they sent me. and flashed it back to an earlier bios version which didn't have certain things in it and I'd like to see if the newest 1201 bios has them reenabled.
So it was indeed a BIOS problem, as I already said.
I haven't disabled anything in the CPU Power reporting on this family. I just removed repoting of invalid power values (< 0).
yeah they told me they were just sending me a new bios chip they neglected to tell me they were modifying the bios in it so that it didn't show certain things. kinda made me a little angry when I found out what they had done. So when I flashed to the newest bios I'm hoping it put things back the way it should be. But no way to test it unless the code is reenabled or turned back on.

I do know it was working before that new chip and I'm going to assume with the new flash it corrected it back to the way it should be.