CPU shows as being engineering sample, how to be sure?

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I recently got my 3800X from Amazon, and I was surprised that Hwinfo was showing that it was an engineering sample.
Since there was no information about it being an ES, I checked with CPUZ and Aida64 which said it was not.

Since Ryzen 3000 is recent I don't know who to trust on this. What way does HWinfo uses to check if the processor is an ES or retail? I can run CPUID (the assembly bit) to see what output I get, but from what I read, CPUID does not report if the processor is an ES.

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As I typed this on my phone, here are some screenshots to illustrate my issue.
This is a bug in HWiNFO version 6.10. Please download the latest Beta version (6.11), it should be fixed there.