CPU temperature readings fluctuate on only 'enhanced' sensor.


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I have a 13700KF, and I was looking at MSI Afterburner. When Idle, it was telling me my CPU was fluctuating from 30 to 50 basically instantly, and when I ran a game, it would tell me my CPU temp is from 70 to 90.
I then looked at NZXT cam, and it was telling me that the CPU was stable when idle, and that the temps were under 40C. When gaming, the temps were as expected, and not fluctuating rapidly.
I then installed HWinfo, and I found 2 sensors for my CPU. One is DTS, and one is Enhanced.
DTS is stable, and looks like, normally, what my temps should be. Enhanced reached 20 C higher at times, just on idle, and I don't know if this is good, or normal.
I also had an error on startup a few weeks ago, that told me I had a CPU fan speed error, and I fixed it by going into the bios and turning it to "ignore" the CPU fan speed monitoring.
Are these related?
Basicallty, the Enhanced temps are fluctuating and the other one is very stable.
Thanks for your time.
Basic build info in case it helps.
Z73 AIO (About 7 months old)
32GB DDR5 6000
This has been discussed several times here and no explanation was found yet.
I also asked Intel about this difference - whether it's some offset for the Enhanced sensor or a different averaging interval, but didn't get a reliable answer yet.