CPU Wattage question

So on the tooltips of CPU Package Power and IA Cores Power, it says the usage is based on the SVID VR Telemetry which requires SVID to be enabled. However, i have SVID Control disabled in BIOS (asus z87-k + i7-4770k). Does this mean the two values i am seeing of the package and the ia cores power are completely guess-based? Since normally they're a mix of the svid vr reading + estimation, but if i have svid control disabled, are they completely estimation based with no actual substance of the real value?
I am wondering because i am trying out different things with C states, power saving measures and various options like process min state, core parking, min frequency and i'd like to see how much of each changes the minimum and average power draw to see what is the best for my electricity bill without reducing performance
Intel doesn't disclose details how this works internally but we can assume that in such case the values are estimated.
There are various methods to estimate power consumption and in some cases it can work pretty well.