Crash on custom auto fan setting


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Hello. I am using the latest version of HWinfo as of time of writing this. Everything is cool and I have compal EC disable on my alienware m17x r4 with i7 3920qm and gt 675m both overclocked. HWinfo runs fine but when i set the fan to custom auto and i use the system for long periods of 2hours and above( i think there is practically no specific time duration), the app freezes and cannot close and my fans remain on whatever rpm they where on when the freezing happened. I cant even close the app with task manager. It gives me an "operation could not be completed, access is denied" error. Any help is appreciated. This error was reproduced on the last two versions of HWinfo. NOTE: openfanctrl min is enabled.
This is a know issue - a conflict between HWiNFO and the system (BIOS). Unfortunately the only solution that seems to work is to remove the battery, because reading of battery status conflicts with fan control. Other possibility is to disable EC Support in HWiNFO, but in this mode the fan speed can be set only to 3 pre-defined levels.
I have the same issue on an Alienware M14x R1!

Do I have to remove the BIOS battery now to go back to factory auto fan settings?

I'm afraid of rebooting because last time I had to reinstall Windows 10 when this happened.

Please advise....
Not sure what exact problem do you have. Are factory auto fan settings no longer working for you, even if you press the System Auto button? In that case you might try to power off the machine and remove the main battery (not the BIOS/CMOS one) for a few minutes.