Crash while sensor scanning


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Thanks for the report. Is this an application (HWiNFO) crash, or system crash (BSOD) ?
According to the dump I see that your CPU reports limited information, so HWiNFO (and other tools probably too) might be confused by this. Do you maybe have something like "Limit CPUID Max Function" enabled in BIOS? If yes, please disable it and let me know if that helped.


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Problem Solved "Limit CPUID Maximum" DISABLED

HWiNFO crash no BSOD


"Limit CPUID Maximum
Allows you to determine whether to limit CPUID maximum value. Set this item to Disabled for Windows XP operating system; set this item to Enabled for legacy operating system such as Windows NT4.0"

Thanks :D


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Great :) I'll also perform some fixes so that such situation doesn't cause HWiNFO to crash.
In either case I strongly recommend for all users that "Limit CPUID Maximum" setting in BIOS is set to "Disabled".