Crosshair VII Hero - need to restart HWiNFO64 to get correct mobo sensor readings?


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I'm not sure if this is HWiNFO or BIOS related (or something else)... however I'm suffering a weird issue: when I start up my machine I see 'typical' sensor readings on mobo and chipset temperature sensors and chassis fan RPM's (chafan 1 and 2 have fans connected). However, the readings are stuck. If I start playing a game the PC heats up and I can hear the chassis fans speed up correctly (controlled by BIOS based on chipset temp) but the temperatures and fanspeed reported in HWi never change.
When I restart HWi, the sensor readings 'update' to what they are really. After this, they also update/monitor correctly.
I have to do this after every system restart.

This problem is only for the CH7 sensors mentioned. Otherwise (CPU, GPU etc. monitoring) I have no problems with HWi, it's perfect and working perfectly.

I updated and reset HWiNFO yesterday to address this (I was on v6.14 previously), it didn't help. I'm on v6.28-4200 now.

Any comments?

Edit: I don't have any Asus monitoring software (eg AI Suite) installed, that would be accessing the same sensors. However I do have MSI Afterburner and Corsair iCUE running, and additionally Asus RGB software (Armory). AB and iCUE should not be accessing these sensors according to my understanding of the monitored item lists in those softwares.
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This is most likely due to the Asus RGB software, try to disable it or even better uninstall if possible.
I was able to pinpoint this conflict to the AsusFanControlService or AsusROGLSLService. I have disabled these and neither of them has anything to do with the RGB software (Armory) as it is still working. Maybe these services are left in the system after Asus AI Suite uninstall. Anyway, HWiNFO64 is now working perfectly. Thanks! (and boo Asus software yet again)