DDR5 SPD Hub temperature occasionally spiking


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I tried searching for this error but.. the forum seems to discard short search terms, so i'm out of luck with "SPD" and "hub" lol

My rig is using Aquasuite (with all its hardware monitoring disabled) and HWinfo for sensor polling to aquasuite.

I noticed that on both ram sticks at the end of the day i have a maximum temperature reached of 63.8°C exactly which is very odd.
The hottest i could get them while playing games like hogwarts legacy was 49 - 50 °C tops.
I only once saw the spike happen live. i opened Steam, and the RAM temperature did 43°C - 63.8°C - 43°C in 3 consecutive readings.
I was wondering if that was a known issue, or if anyone had any idea what may cause it.

I know it hapens everyday, but it seems to happen at random, and pretty rarely.

I don't have any other monitoring software apart from HWinfo. I actually reinstalled Windows 11 last weekend, so it's still a very clean install.
I was seeing the Hyper-V warning message on HWinfo main window so i wondered if that would cause a problem, but there is no way to make it go away except by disabling virtualization in the Bios. Hyper-V has never been installed on my PC. I tried installing/uninstalling it see if it would refresh but no.. still getting the virtualization warning. Anyway, i have virtualization totally disabled and the weird readings keep happening.
It might be better to start logging the values and then see if this is a single spike or if you observe a ramp-up.
i've seen one occurrence and it was a spike between two normal datalog points. I'm starting datalogging it now.
I suppose so. That's how it looks like in the logs :
It's always the same value when it happens.

It doesn't bother me now that i know it's some bogus readings, but i worried for a minute that the ram might overheat. It just makes the max value column useless on HWinfo.
It has to be a bug. Both of my systems (specs in signature) do exactly the same thing. It's like a momentary glitch that causes the sensor to register 63.8°C. The memory modules are generic green Hynix A-die on one system and TeamGroup Delta 7200 on the other.
oh thank god i'm not the only one.
i thought this is ecc kicking in because of an unstable oc and melting my sticks.
but so it's definitely some kind of bug.
we're all experiencing the exact same spike temp.
i just hammered my ddr5 ram oc with 105 iterations of y-cruncher vst.
no errors.
peaks at 55c but for a second or two i see 63.8c.
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Another reason might be concurrent use of other system monitoring or tweaking tools along with HWiNFO.