dedicated GPU reading at 0


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Hey , i have a laptop with r5 4600h and gtx 1650 , so in that there are 2 gpus , integrated and dedicated , so whenever i open hwinfo64 , i see the reading of gtx1650 at 0 , everything at 0 , temps , core clock and everything , and integrated shows the reading , but whenever i open a game or anything that will use dedicated graphics , it will start giving me reading


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i searched about it on this forum , what i got is that it controls automatically and i cant disable it , right ? . Actually i was afraid because yesterday i changed the thermal paste on both gpu and cpu and before that i never really cared of gpu temps much so never really looked , but after i applied it , i checked hwinfo and was surprised to see those all zeroes , i thought that i have broken a sensor or so . but thank for ur help , Is there anything i should know more ??
That doesn't indicate any issue, the DGPU is disabled to preserve power. Check NVIDIA Control Panel.