DELL EC sensors


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I am using HWinfo64 portable version 4.36 in Dell inspirion 17R laptop.
HWinfo64 does not detect DELL EC sensors most of the time. Sometimes all of sudden it asks to disable the sensors but does not show sensors readings. Rarely it shows full reading from DELL EC sensors.
My CPU fan goes crazy at times with fan speed stuck at maximum even when everything is normal (CPU temp,system load). When HWinfo64 detects DELL EC sensors, I get option to control the fan speed and bring it to normal without restarting the computer.
1) How can I check whether DELL EC sensors are properly functioning?
2) Is it possible that HWinfo64 has permanently disabled DELL EC sensors or damaged it?
3) Why is HWinfo64 showing such erratic behavior- sometimes detecting the sensors, sometimes giving option for fan control and not giving rest of the times?
4) Does portable version writes anything to the registry?
I never got such crazy fan speed in ubuntu, only in windows which is driving me crazy.
Could anyone shed some light?
You might attach the HWiNFO Debug File for analysis, but from your description I believe the DELL EC sensors are not well implemented in firmware.
HWiNFO only attempts to communicate with the system firmware using a special DELL interface, but it seems it doesn't work well. I believe this might be a firmware/BIOS problem of your machine. I suggest to contact DELL with this issue. You might also try to test your system using DELL Diagnostic tools.

HWiNFO portable version does write some user-specific settings into registry. If you disable the "Remember Preferences" option in HWiNFO, it won't write anything there.