Dell XPS 15 9560 (2017) Fan Controls


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How can I get the fan controls to work properly with the XPS 15 9560? 
Is there some data I could submit here to get it working properly? 

Thanks in advance.
EDIT: Sorry just saw the big red stick post regarding fans... Nevermind than, i'll keep this info here nevertheless.


Even if this topic is a bit old, i would like a working fan control for the newer xps series laptops.

There seems to be the issue, that the fan cannot be easily addressed from userspace but require a special driver which deactivates the internal fan control and enables external control.

There already exists some code here and  here

Since a drive needs to be signed, it not that easy to test (and the utility app is quite rudimental).

There is also more info here

I would be so happy to see this working (and can help testing)...
HWiNFO supports the interface you described. So if fan control doesn't work on your machine, the problem must be somewhere else.
I think that DELL never designed the SMM interface to be widely used by other applications, but only for its own internal purposes, so we can't expect this to work smooth.
Also, this is a proprietary interface, which DELL keeps secret, so we can't expect any support from them.
No, this is not done by HWiNFO. As already mentioned, this option might have several negative side effects, so it would not be wise to use it.
Ah sad, but i understand your concerns.

If you ever change your mind (maybe put the option behind some big red warning signs), please let me know...

PS: The dell thermal controls really sucks, 36° and the fans keep spinning...