Difference of temperatures (request/suggestion)


New Member
Some motherboards include additional thermal sensors (thermistors), which can be used, for example, to monitor the ambient temperature (placed at the case intake).

It would be nice if HWinfo had an option to display the temp difference/delta between such a sensor and another sensor (CPU, GPU, ...). This would make temp comparisons between various tests (cooling methods, overclocks, ...) much easier.
For example, the temp difference could be shown in parenthesis, like CPU Package: 54°C (32°C).

Of course, the user would have to enable this and select which sensor(s) to use. It could either be a global setting that applies to all temps in HWinfo or a R-click context menu setting for each sensor.

(I know you can add custom sensors through the registry with the same function (subtract), but this would have a nicer UX/UI and more people would notice it.)