Different CPU Temp meanings on my board.


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Hello all, new here, and have a quick question as to what this could be. So I downloaded hWiNFO64 and absolutely love it. Here is my issue. Under CPU Package, I am getting a solid 22-25c... but under my motherboard section the I have temp 1, which is very close if not the same as my other CPU temp... then there is and actual CPU section which is usually always DOUBLE the other CPU section.. then I have motherboard which stays super low as well. So I was just wondering if anyone here knew what exactly the motherboard CPU section would be? Is it the VRM's? Or is it something I shouldnt worry too much about? In game it reaches almost 75c on occasion, while the CPU temp stays very low. Its bugging me so i turned off turbo core and have cool n quiet on. Im using an FX 8350, not overclocked, on an MSI 760GMA-p34. Any answer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for you time.


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Well, this is unfortunately a problem of almost all later AMD CPUs. No one exactly knows what the true internal CPU temperature is there, as the built-in CPU sensor doesn't provide correct values, or provides on values no in the expected temperature scale. The CPU value under the motherboard section might be using an additional correction factor to the value read from CPU, but I believe this is no reliable either.
I'm sorry, but this is a sensor design flaw. Some more information is here: https://www.hwinfo.com/forum/threads/cpu-core-temperature-measuring-facts-fictions.148/
Ah Yes it makes sense now. Im searched EVERYWHERE for an answer, and unfortunately there is no solid answer haha. Thank you for the response. :)