disable pcie devices sensor enumeration ( or completely )


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strange problem but still .
motherboard - asus z370-f

and the source of fun ..PCIEX4 RAID controller - Adaptec SmartRAID 3152-8i problem is when hwinfo enumerates its sensors ( i assume. since it crush in in sensors only mode as well ) . it cause SYSTEM WIDE EMERGENCY BSOD . with immideate shutdown and corruption of controller memory ( which lead to information corruption on disks. in funny end after 2 such bsods windows suffered damage beyond repair ) . windows indicates raid controller driver as problematic .. ( without raid card hwinfo runs fine )

technically onboard of controller 3 thermal sensors which software can read ( different places on board ) . and CPU wide temp sensor .

question is - is there any possible chance to disable sensor enumeration on pciex cards or completely disable pciex enumeration . software to show cpu temps sometimes VERY handy . i am notified the manufacturere about the problem they promised to look but without ETA
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Have you tried to disable "Drive Scan" in HWiNFO if that will solve this problem?
uep . still crash right after lauch of hwinfo . looked on card documentation it does not provide connected drives temp or info outside . it available only as part of SNMP raid card wide semaphore ( only state . good or bad.. combined info of raidcard/cache module/connected hdd heath state) . additional info available only in raid admin console ( own proprietary software )

couple of bios versions ago .. hwinfo worked awesome ... and it could show controller temp .. but then manufacturer i supposed "fixed" it