Do I need to change my HDD?



Grateful for some help from the Community to confirm that I have problems with my internal hard drive.

I have used for the first time HWinfo64, and saw an exclamation mark on my HDD (Toshiba N300 4 TB SATA3)

So my questions are :

- Should I worry about any of these 3 exclamations marks?
- About "current pending sector count" I see 26 (was 27 on the first run), is that a lot?

From what i have read online I should keep an eye on hwinfo reports see if numbers are pumping, so I will do that for starters.

Thx for any help.
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It's perfectly possible that drives with such SMART values will run just fine for years, but it's also possible that it dies quickly. I would definitely keep an eye on that drive, especially its sounds/noises and its SMART values. If they change drastically (for the worse) I'd swap the drive, and RMA the faulty one if possible.

Okay, thanks for your time.

I will keep an eye then.

Quick question: im usually using Smartdefrag to defrag this HDD, once per week. Should I stop doing that giving it's current state? Or it's ok?