Driver versions 151 and 152 completely broke Kaspersky AV


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Steps to reproduce the problem:

1. Install the latest version of Kaspersky AV: https://products.s.kaspersky-labs.c...3033377c44454c7c31/kis21.2.16.590en_26095.exe
2. Update it's database
3. Launch the latest version of HWiNFO (it installs the driver as well)
4. Try to update the databse of Kaspersky again and try to scan any forder from context menu

Actual behavior:

Kaspersky update doesn't work correctly while HWiNFO us running (the tray icon doesnt change to the one with the 'Earth')
Kapersky scan doesn't work correctly as well, as it should show the tosts (windows notifications) when the scan is complete, but it doesn't happen while HWiNFO is running
You can close HWiNFO and look, the tray icon of KIS will change once HWiNFO has been closed and you'll see the windows notifications finally. So the HWiNFO or even the driver block those functions

Expected Behavior:

HWiNFO wont block KIS functions as it was in version 150 of the driver and broke since 151.

I can even record a video of this bug or send you a vmware snapshot. Please fix it.

P.S. my OS is Windows 10 20H2 build 19042 x64.
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I'm sorry, but I cannot imagine what HWiNFO might be doing to cause such issue with an antivirus. It's more likely that an antivirus blocks an application because of a false identification.
Also the changes between driver v150 and 151 were minimal and should have no impact on other applications.
Isn't the whole issue you describe related to some tray icons only rather than functionality of the antivirus?
It's related to the functionality and it's completely broken atm. I just wrote about tray icons to easily notice the problem. Kaspersky doesn't show it as virus or some other program, so it's not a false identification.
I sent the issue to the Kaspersly Lab but they told me to contact you.
It can't update, can't scan, so nothing is work.
I don't know how to determine what the problem is as it's Kaspersky what's broken and not HWiNFO.
I have no way to trace their software to determine what and why is hanging there when HWiNFO is active. I believe it's them who should check their software