Thanks for the feedback. Under which sensor are those fans swapped, can you please attach a screenshot?
I see now, thanks. Will fix it in the next build (also remove some invalid values from the NCT6771F sensor).
there is also anotherthing:

analog devices adt7490/ IOH = 52.0 C°

intel IOH/ IOH = 55.5 C°

today reading

what is the difference between analog devices IOH and intel IOH?

dx58so2 has only one IOH sensor.

the reading of analog devices IOH is right.
the reading of intel IOH is too high (wrong).
This depends on manufacturer's implementation and I don't know how it's implemented on this mainboard in detail (vendors don't give out such information usually).
The ADT sensor might be sampling the same IOH temperature and the IOH sensor does. The Intel IOH value comes straight from the chip itself (internal diode), however maybe the sensor is differently calibrated, or there's a time difference between the samples. Or maybe the ADT sensor value measures value of the chip's surface.
the reading of analog devices IOH is right, forget the other.
i compare the value with the intel tool.

there are 3 termal sensors:

Ambient Motherboard
Voltage Regultator

the other is CPU Core (in intel tool just one reading),
may be the highest of the 4 cores, i din't know.
If the Intel tool doesn't report the internal IOH temperature (reported under Intel IOH) it doesn't mean that this temperature is impossible to read or report ;)
it does not matter what it reports.
it matters, which sensors exist.

this is decribed on the intel support site.

there is ONE IOH sensor, only.

hi martin,

the intel ioh is a parameter 1 parameter too much,

but there is one parameter missing,
cpu core temperature.

you list core 1,2,3,4

but cpu core temperature is another one with different reading,
I'll leave the Intel IOH value, since this is a legitimate reading from the primary source.
Isn't the "CPU Core Temperature" just the highest reading of all cores? PECI usually lists this as the highest value.
Can you attach a screenshot of HWiNFO64 and the Intel tool side by side ? Also please attach the respective DBG file.
it's not the highest reading.
sometimes it's the same,
sometimes it's another value.
i think it is a information from the motherboard,
and the cores are information of the processor.

what is a dgb file?
Thanks, but I need a screenshot of both - HWiNFO and Intel tool side by side so I can try to identify which input might this be.
I'm sorry, but I don't know where this value is read from. Might be some average of the cores..