EC sensor warning


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I downloaded HWInfo64 to check temperatures on my old MSI GT62VR laptop but the EC sensor warning scared me, I've clicked disable and turned off HWinfo64, should I worry?Did it change/disable something in my laptop?Could it cause any damage?
Apologies for my dumb questions, I'm just a beginner and very paranoid.
I'm sorry that the EC warning might appear scary but it's not. It cannot damage anything and HWiNFO doesn't change any settings.
It just warns that monitoring of that sensor might be slower (or affect system response) and on some (quite rare) system may cause stability issues when monitored.
If you choose "Do not monitor this sensor" it just means HWiNFO will not access that sensor (to avoid any of the mentioned potential issues).
Phew!Thank you for your quick reply!
So there's nothing to worry about when using HWiNFO? Great.
Again thank you, and apologies for bothering you.