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Okay, have looked everywhere but can't seem to find an option to add a blank line in between sensor data.
GPU Vcore Voltage
'blank empty line'
Hard Drive temperature
Is there a way to do this and I'm just apparently to stupid to see it? Asking because I've altered a 3x5 micro screen and built a mount for it. This displays the Winfo information. It'd be easier to see if I can separate it by class. Temp/voltage, etc.
Also having an issue with the VR VCC disappearing so if anybody knows anything about that it would help. Searching forum boards is getting hard because there is so much data, but if you have a short word it doesn't recognize it during the search. So there tends to be a mountain of information to sort through just to find that one tiny scrap... Sorry if somebody has already asked this...2 days of searching and couldn't find anything.


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An empty line can be added via Sensor settings / Layout by pressing the "_" button:

For the issue with VR VCC I need more details. Is this detected only sometimes? Which exact sensor is that? A HWiNFO Debug File would be helpful to check this in detail.
Motherboard is a ROG strix z390-e gaming, pulled the VRM temperature using it.
Was detected all the time with no issues. Then just the other day it disappeared. I thought maybe it just wasn't reading the sensor, but it disappeared from the sensor list in Hwinfo64. If I enable all the sensors and scroll through everything, it's gone...doesn't exist. Going into layout or anything else under settings and it's not there anymore either. So I deleted the software, removed any files that would hold preferences and started from scratch. But it didn't work. The entry wasn't there anymore. So I didn't know if it was due to the entry is only available if it's detected by the software, a glitch of some kind, renamed from VR VCC to something else or any other number of options. So I don't think there would be a debug file on this. Obviously not life or death, was just nice to have the VRM temp so I could keep an eye on it from time to time when OC'ng or running a stress test, etc.
Did you perhaps upgrade the BIOS before it disappeared? Still only the Debug File will provide the information I need to diagnose this.
No, all the bios/firmware were updated long before. I don't honestly know what sensor the program was using for the VRM temperature. But I was told on another forum that if I used the VR VCC listing that it was the correct sensor for the vrm. How do I pull a debug file to send attach? Sorry, yesterday I underwent a spine procedure so the drugs/pain are making me a bit wonky. But hey, sitting with nothing better to do, so may as well go on a quest for knowledge lol If the vr vcc isn't the correct vrm temperature is there a different one I should be using to monitor? Thanks
Here's the DBG file. Completely missed that in safe mode. Like I said, it's not critical to monitor the vrm, just helpful since I was in the middle of over-clocking the system. So just wanted to keep an eye on it. But when the entry 'VR VCC' disappeared thought it was odd and maybe something I did (or didn't) do. Unfortunately for me it's been about 20+ years since I've built a liquid cooled system. Air cooled is a different beast all together since there are multiple case fans push/pull air and the vrm getting enough air flow usually isn't an issue. Getting an error about the uploaded file is too large for the server to process. Have an email your accepting them at?
Please compress the file using something like 7zip, rar, zip, etc. Or you can send it directly to me via e-mail which you can see in the program or on the main homepage.
lol should have thought of that but all things considered pretty sure why I didn't lol Anyway here's the zip file. Oddly enough after I updated to the new release an actual VRM came appeared so I'm guessing that it's the correct listing for what I was looking for anyway. Still didn't see the VR VCC listing but don't think it matters now. Thanks again,


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It looks like SVID Support in not enabled in your BIOS. In such case it's impossible to access the VR directly and report the VR VCC value.
Odd, that was enabled. Thanks for the catch I'll take a look and see why it changed. Just out of curiosity is there a legend somewhere that gives a definition of what each entry actually monitors? Most of them are obvious, others not so much. Looked around but odds are good I probably missed it.
No sorry, there is no such legend. The amount of possible sensors is huge and sometimes it's not possible to know exactly what a value represents.
Went back to bios and checked the SVID to make sure it was on auto. Had it set previously to Normal Scenario. Neither one of them brought back the VR VCC listing, but I did find a listing for VRM and Motherboard. Think it may be the same sensor, but there is a couple degree drop between the two of them. So not sure if it's the motherboard reporting and the cpu reporting the difference between the two.
Know this has probably been asked as well, but what is the best source for the CPU clock speed and vcore? I read the other list that had the description between the average sample and the other option. I'm just looking for the current actual mhz/v for each one respectively.
Was hoping there was a legend since kind of running into that now. Most cases it's not critical since the motherboard and cpu can both report on a single sensor. Trick is finding out which one tends to be more accurate and using that one. Since I'm running a side screen for anything I'd like to see at a glance, there's limited space that I can drop displays into.