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so i have a dell inspiron 15 3593 and when i control the fan it only says 0,2500 and 4900 rpm and when i select auto while my pc is boiling it goes up to 6000 rpm why does it need to be limited if they can just make it control at its potential


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Because it's DELL. They don't like it when others fiddle with the system and try to run it out of spec; kind of semi-closed system.
so i have a dell inspiron 15 3593 and when i control the fan it only says 0,2500 and 4900 rpm and when i select auto while my pc is boiling it goes up to 6000 rpm why does it need to be limited if they can just make it control at its potential

Try the open-source software, AlienFX - Alienware Fan Control software. It may work just fine with your dell inspiron 15 laptop, it may not; my guess is that it most likely will work fine. According to the author's notes and regarding compatibility:

"Fan control compatiblity: Modern Alienware/Dell G-Series notebooks (any m-series, x-series, Area51m), Aurora R7 (and later model) desktops."

Here is the download link at GitHub.

The AlienFX tools suit can do much more than just control fans but the fan control app is all that I use and you can run the fan control app solo and independent of any of the other tools as there is a standalone AlienFX Fan Control shortcut provided after install so that you can simply run only that one app. As a huge fan of independantly developed software and especially, highly effective examples of such that are obviously much loved by and passionately maintained/doted over by the author(s). AlienFX Tools is def high-level in that regard; it is very well-made software.

But to your own current dilemma ... I have encountered the same issue you are seeing when previously using HWINFO to (somewhat) manage the fan speeds on my own AW Area51m R2 laptop. As @Martin has mentioned, the Dell/AW fan control subsystem is highly mainboard/bios/firmware managed and therefore HWINFO's own fan control feature is constrained by such bios-level definitions.

Using my A51mR2 laptop as an example, it has four basic firmware-controlled fan "profiles" ... Quiet/Cool/Balanced/Full; each of these firmware-controlled fan speed profiles adheres to a different sensor-based control scheme/curve and each has a corresponding fan rpm range within which each profile is bound/limited. None of these allow unrestricted, fluid adjustments of the latops full fan rpm range and along a precise, dynamic curve.

With HWINFO's very basic fan control method that I have indeed used for a good while now, I am limited to running my A51mR2 fans at 0, 1300 and 2600 rpms and no points in between; otherwise. HWINFO's method/hooks work well in that regard but is limited to the three fan speeds mentioned, simply jumping from one to another with no scaling/escalation between these set speeds since this is the bios-controlled fan speed rpm range allowed by the A51mR2 bios. Even with the AWCC installed, I am still limited to the firmware-defined fan rpm range for any of the given four profiles. As you are well aware, this is vexing.

AlienFX tools on the other hand, namely the fan control module included in that suite of tools, allows one complete access to the full range of the A51mR2's fans which is 0 rpm thru 3600 rpm on the CPU fan side and 0 rpm to 3400 rpm on the GPU side fan. Considering this unimpeded access to each fan's full rpm range, there is also a very well and simply designed fan curve feature which allows one to define very accurate and highly effective fan curves for either fan with unrestricted access to the full min/max capabilities of each fan without any staggering or major jumps from one speed to the next. A hypothetical fan curve that runs the fans at 900rpm at a CPU temp of 30c, then scaling up to an 1100 rpm fan speed when the CPU hits 45c and on to a 2000 rpm fan speed when the CPU hits 55c and onward to a 3000+ rpm fan speed at CPU temps exceeding 75c is therefore 100% possible.

Even better, both the CPU side fan and GPU side fan curves can be hooked to trigger/follow the thermal data reported by any number of mainboard/firmware sensors.


By default, AlienFX fan control software assumes a CPU fan curve according to the thermals reported by the CPU internal sensor while the GPU fan curve is tied to the GPU internal sensor by default. That said, in my own case, since my CPU temps are always quite higher than the GPU temps, I decided to have both the CPU and GPU fan curves best controlled/triggered by data reported by only the single CPU thermal sensor since my goal was to have both fans operating at the same speeds at all times and according to whatever curve I might define.

This, therefore, means both A51mR2 fans will always be operating and/or adjusting their respective speeds in tandem and thus both always ramping up/down and at the same speed according to whatever I have defined in the way of a curve for either one.

I've owned my own A51mR2 laptop for about two years now and struggling to find a (near) perfect solution for precise management of it's fans has been a huge challenge due to the already discussed, very strict bios/firmware restricted access to simple and complete access to controlling either fan and within the full RPM range possible for either.

So I would def recommend trying the AlienFX fan control option. It takes a bit of learning as it comes with its own quirks as most software will, but if you simply want to define a very effective and dependable fan curve to preciscely control your laptops fan speeds dynamically and according to a given sensors thermal data then simply insure the fan control "Power Mode" is set to "Manual" and not any of the three or four other modes/levels which are generally described as "level 162, level 163, level 164" or the like depending on your laptop.

Feel free to hit me up here in this thread or via DM if you need any tips/assistance once you determine if the software will work with your laptop or not.

Best of luck.