Feature Request: Color changes in system tray only when passed alert threshold


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Apologies if this is a tired repost! I have set up HwInfo64 on 3 computers the past few weeks and love it! I would love to know if this is already possible (I don't think so), basically, it is super easy to have average CPU temps in the tray, and set up alerts that allow the background color to change based on the set alert threshold, but the only problem I have is that I have no need for the green background when the temps are below that threshold, but a great need for the red background when they are past it. Essentially, I love how without "depends on alert threshold" setting checked on System Tray settings, my temps blend in to the tray when the info is not vital, but would want it to stand out only when the CPU is starting to run hot. Hopefully this makes sense, and this feature not being possible will by no means prevent me from continuing to use this amazing program, but I figured it was worth suggesting, in case it has not already been, as it would make a great looking and functional application even better.
Such appearance of tray icons is currently not possible. If the "Depends on alert threshold" option is enabled then the color can be green or red only.
But I think I can change this so that in normal state the color will be the one set by user and only in alerted state will automatically change to red. Existing users using the green/red combination will just need to set their default tray color to green.
Thanks for the reply! Will keep my eye out for updates, and keep using the current green/red system for now. Cheers
I updated to v7.12-4580 yesterday, and now the system tray alert does not display the green color anymore. It will only turn to red once alert threshold is met. I even tried to update the background color to green in the system tray tab, but still not getting the green color. This was working properly in the previous version, am I do something wrong or did something change with the new version? Thanks!
This was changed to override color to red only when the threshold is reached, so if you want to keep the previous appearance, you need to set default tray item color to green. This should work, doesn't it?
I believe I have set the default tray item color to green, but when alert threshold is enabled, the default color is transparent.
Oh indeed, I can see the issue now. Shall by fixed in the next (Beta) build.