Feature Request

Mr. Fox

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Hey Brother Martin. I hope all is well. I mentioned this once before back in May, in the thread HWiNFO v7.44 released.

If there is any way possible, please provide a way to disable this annoying prompt, or an option to toggle it on and off. I love HWiNFO64 and have used it for years. As you know, I have made donations and purchased two years in a row now that it is no longer freeware. I truly appreciate the value it has provided to me for ages. However, having to locate the windows and click a second time on this pop-up (which may be obscured by other open windows or on a completely different monitor and I have to go hunt for it) is extremely bothersome. I understand the purpose of the sensors. I don't care about them and don't use them. Unfortunately, disabling and hiding them in HWiNFO64 Sensors doesn't stop the frustrating prompt.

I find it annoying to the point that I am tempted to look for something else or settle for an inferior alternative. I would prefer to continue using it rather than settle for something inferior. If it is not possible to provide an option to eliminate it, if you can tell me at what point it was introduced, I will downgrade and use the newest obsolete version of HWiNFO64 before it was introduced to avoid this inconvenience.

Thank you for your time. Have a nice weekend.