FPS is always zero with DirectX on RX 6000

My wife and I recently switched from two old RX 5600 XT cards that had no issues with HwInfo64.
Our new cards are RX 6700 XT and RX 6800, and they both exhibit the same issue: the FPS counter is (almost) always zero when rendering DirectX. On both machines I get about a second (two or three readings with 500 ms polling rate) of non-zero readings and then 0.0 for the remainder of the logging.

This does not seem to happen with OpenGL stuff (e.g. FurMark), where logging is normal.

Has been tested with Radeon drivers 22.5.1 and 22.7.1.
That's the internal FPS counter in GPU I assume. Try to use the RivaTuner Statistics Server (RTSS) which can be interfaced with HWiNFO to show its FPS counter.
Ok, I will try as soon as I am free.

Yes, I am referring to the internal counter. Is this a known (driver?) issue? As stated it was never a problem with the older cards, even on new driver versions.
Okay, I finally had time to figure out MSI Afterburner + RTSS and got the FPS to show up in HWiNFO. And it works well! Thank you. Do you know if the "always zero" internal GPU bug is a known issue with AMD cards and/or recent Adrenaline drivers? It never happened on my old RX 5600 XT.
We know that this counter didn't work in some cases, but since this is an unofficial feature it's nowhere properly documented nor described in terms of reliability/errata.