1. S

    Append new registries in Automatic Logging

    Hello! I have been tinkering with the Pro version and, with help from Martin and a bit more searching online, I have been able to run HWiNFO64 automatically upon startup and to begin logging the sensors that interest me. However, the process does not append new data when I restart the computer...
  2. O

    HWInfo64 Logging Question

    I tried logging my sensors to .CSV but upon opening the file only the CPU sensors were recorded. I would like to see the GPU sensors on the log file as well. Am I missing any setting or something? For example this is the end of the log file when i opened it on excel. It only shows CPU sensors...
  3. HakzoPhobic

    Need help figuring out what is causing random freezes and crashes on my computer (log file)

    Hi, so my pc has been crashing a lot lately seemingly at random but also usually happens when playing games. Entire PC would just freeze or black screen and id have to restart it. This has happened before so I replaced my cooler fan recently thinking it was due to my CPU overheating, but the...
  4. B

    In battery supply mode, Notebook shuts down after some minutes without warning

    In battery supply mode, Notebook shuts down after some minutes without warning. Generation of the sensor values report is not possible in this case. How please Hwinfo64 sensor logging has to be configured, so that the battery sensors values are preserved for evaluation?
  5. M

    FPS is always zero with DirectX on RX 6000

    My wife and I recently switched from two old RX 5600 XT cards that had no issues with HwInfo64. Our new cards are RX 6700 XT and RX 6800, and they both exhibit the same issue: the FPS counter is (almost) always zero when rendering DirectX. On both machines I get about a second (two or three...
  6. T

    CSV file contains clipped field headers

    The first line of the log file is: That is, almost all the names have been removed, but the units of measurement have remained. HWiNFO 7.15-4640, Microsoft Windows 10.0.19043.1415.
  7. A

    AMD Tctl/Tdie and CPU Package Power not logged into csv on some processors

    Running latest beta build 7.13-4605, on laptop ryzen 4000 series CPUs, these 2 values are logged into the log csv file, but on ryzen 5800X + MSI B550M Mortar, these 2 values are not logged. However, they are still visible in the sensor window under the enhanced section. Some other values under...
  8. D

    Starting "Logging Sensor" crash HWiNFO32

    Hello, HWiNFO is great! Thanks very much ! On a PLC based on Windows Embeded, HWiNFO32 works well. But starting the logs (using the "Logging Start" button in the "Sensor Status" window) crashes the HWinfo32 application (after entering the name of the file, just after clicking on "Save"). For a...