Freeze when detecting sensors, Windows 1803


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System: X370 Taichi, 2700X, Windows 10 1803, 2 GPUs (RX 470, RX VEGA 64 with latest driver), 2x 16GB RAM and Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality Headset.

HWiNFO64 version: 5.82-3410

When running HWiNFO64, it freezes when detecting sensors at "GPU ATI #29".

In settings if I uncheck "7" in GPU I2C Bus Exclusion then sensors detection runs fine.

I don't think this is a problem with the headset because the freeze also happens when it is fully disconnected.
Probably i have something similar to this. After login, when steam and hwinfo loading in, my computer freeze comletely. After i have removed HWinfo, the problem soften, still get some itch but those are from windows itself. Probably my computer affected in some mistake made by microsoft in this new update. (Like Intel 600p SSD-s. I have a 128GB NVMe 600p SSD...)
Please attach respective HWiNFO Debug Files of those problems for more detailed analysis.