HWINFO64 sometimes freezes and crashes on "Detecting CPU #11" when running sensors only.


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Hi, I've been running into issues where the hwinfo64 program would freeze and crash on "Detecting CPU #11" when I attempt to run "Sensors-only". Any attempt to run it again after the error occurs would result in the same error. The only "work-around" I've found is to force-reboot the computer and start the program then (see below for why it must be a force reboot). I've only used hwinfo64 for a few days, and this had already occurred multiple times. Any help/advice would be appreciated.

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600X
Motherboard: Asus Prime X470-Pro (BIOS Version: 5204)
OS: Windows 10 Pro

Some observations:
- Most of the time, this error occurs after I have ran the program beforehand (e.g., I boot the computer, start hwinfo64 successfully, close it, and then when I try to start it again, it runs into this error).
- Sometimes, all the stats on the sensors page would freeze (even though polling is set to 2 sec), and after I close hwinfo64 and run sensors again, I get this error.
- After this error occurs, I am unable to shut down or restart my computer. I can click the "Restart" button and Windows would exit as expected (it would close ongoing tasks; no more signal would be sent to my monitor), but my computer would still be clearly running (fans on, lights on), and would not reboot at all. I would have to force shut-down the computer and reboot then. In contrast, when this error has not yet occurred, I am able to shut down or restart my computer. This seems to suggest that when this error occurs, hwinfo64 has sent some command that hangs and keeps the computer awake somehow.

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This is a BIOS issue. Try to upgrade the BIOS to the latest version, that should fix it.


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Thanks for reply. I've updated my BIOS to the latest version (v. 5406) and it looks to have fixed the issue so far!