Frozen sensor readings


since i've changed a Ryzen 2700X for a 3900X, HWInfo freezes the sensor information. Time before freezing varies between immediatly after start to 1 hour after start.
Before the change i could always monitor the sensors.

Since then i've reinstalled windows (not because of hwinfo, but i wanted to cleanup some old programs), set the polling time from 2 to 5 seconds and stopped monitoring a lot of sensors. Nothing seemed to be the solution.
When i'm on the desktop i could monitor for the longest time, but when i play a game and finish it, it has always frozen. I can close the sensor window, but can't open it again. I have to close HWInfo and restart it.

Attached is a DBG file which should include a frozen period.

I hope you could give me a solution, because i like to see what the temps are doing (especially now it's 30C over here.).

Thank you


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Does the whole application freeze, or it's just sensors that don't update anymore?
Please try to capture the freeze in the Debug File, then terminate the application and attach it here for analysis.
When i have the sensor window open, i can scroll through the window and can close it normally. When i try to open the sensor window again, the window opens but isn't responding and i have to close hwinfo forced.
Attached is the latest dbg file (zipped because it's 38MB). Hwinfo run for 27 minutes.


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Does that Debug File capture the freeze? Because it doesn't indicate any issue.
Can you try to disable some options, i.e. "CorsairLink and Asetek Support" if that will help perhaps?
I don't know how or where to disable corsairlink and asetek support, but i've stopped monitoring the Corsair PSU and now it seems to be running smoothly.
As a test i just monitored the PSU and within 2 minutes the sensor page froze.
Thanks for the feedback. It would be still interesting to get a Debug File of the freeze. You will need to first terminate HWiNFO and then grab it. Maybe I could find some workaround for this case.
You can completely disable CorsairLink via the above mentioned option in main settings on HWiNFO.
Attached is a dbg file (zipped because of size) of only the Corsair psu monitoring. After 3 minutes the monitoring stopped.
I have also Argus monitor running, to control the fans in my pc, on there i could see that the values for the psu disappeared for a couple of minutes.


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Thanks. You said that you're using Argus monitor too. Can you try to run without it and Corsair sensors enabled in HWiNFO?
Thanks. You said that you're using Argus monitor too. Can you try to run without it and Corsair sensors enabled in HWiNFO?
I just run it without Argus monitor and it run for 2 hours without any problem. After i restarted Argus and after 15 minutes HWinfo froze again.
Thanks, so we found the problem. I will contact authors of Argus Monitor to have a look at that.