Gadget stops reading data every couple minutes


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I've had this bug since last year but now it's getting more and more annoying. Evry couple of minutes the gadget stops reading data and gives an error: "could not read hwinfo monitor data". The only solution I found is to close and re-open the sidebar but this becomes annoying since it happens several times a day. I have no idea why it's doing that. My OS is Win 7 Ultimate x64 if that helps.
What do you have for refresh rates on HWiNFO & the gadget?  Are they set really low?

When it errors, its just for that one refresh cycle and then returns?  Or you need to close and reopen the gadget?
Refresh interval is at 3000 milliseconds. Sometimes it goes back to normal after a few minutes, sometimes it takes hours if I don't close and re-open the sidebar. I even created a autohotkey script specific for closing and reopening the sidebar when this happens.