Gadget stuttering


I'm unsure as weather or not to post this to the bug section considering what i need in bug reports to post there, so i thought i would ask the community first.

I've used hwinfo for about a week now and 3 days in my gadget started stuttering at what seems to be random intervals. What i mean by stuttering is that it will display all the values i have selected then drop the connection to the program saying 'ERROR could not read HWiNFO monitor data' then come back within a couple seconds, sometimes a couple seconds sometimes a fraction of a second. nothing consistent. It's not the scan times, i checked that.

I was wondering what could possibly be causing this? if you need any system specs i can gladly list them, any error reporting i may need a step by step to get the necessary info required.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated because this is the most accurate and feature rich hardware monitor I've found to date.
Which gadget are you using, the HWiNFOMonitor and which version of HWiNFO are you using? Have you tried the latest versions ?
I'm using version 5.02-2575 HWiNFO64 and HWiNFOMonitor v2.0. I started with v 464 and updated whenever one was available in the hopes that it would solve the problem. I've reinstalled HWiNFO64 but i couldn't seem to find out how to uninstall the gadget to be able to reinstall it for a full fresh install.
You might try to right-click on desktop place, select Gadgets, then choose HWiNFOMonitor and Uninstall.
I tried the method you described and it did not seem to actually wipe out the gadget. When i did my reinstall all my setting of what to display and how to display it were still active.

I uninstalled the gadget, uninstall the program, reinstalled the program and reinstalled the gadget. same problem arises.
I'm moving this thread into the appropriate HWiNFOMonitor section and waiting for stangowner (HWiNFOMonitor author) for answer.
What do you have your refresh interval set to?

Also, please make sure you add an exception to "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\HWiNFOMonitor.log".  Perhaps your A/V software is blocking access to this file.
its added to my exception list and my scan interval is 2000ms, I've tried disabling my antivirus on boot to see if that was the problem, and no dice.

sorry for the delay in reply

Initially you stated:
"I've used hwinfo for about a week now and 3 days in my gadget started stuttering at what seems to be random intervals"

Based on this, you're saying it was fine for the first 4 days?  Can you tell me if the gadget does seem to run normally for a bit first (after closing/opening the gadget, or restarting Windows), and then once the stutter happens once that it continues to happen more often after that until the gadget is restarted again?
Some days it will stutter from start of windows, other days maybe 2 or 3 random intervals. 3 days ago it was stuttering so often that i just turned it off so i wouldn't have to see it wile working on my school project. Yesterday and today its worked flawlessly with absolutely no stutter what so ever, the only change I've made is i took off HWiNFO from my start up and kept the gadget at start up, open HWiNFO manually and allow it to connect before doing anything else with my computer. I did this just out of curiosity and blind hope that it would work.. so far it has and i have no idea why.