Gap in layout?


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Why is the "GPU [#0] NVIDIA GeForce..." section in the second to last column split into two, with the second part in the last column? Basically, why is there a gap at the bottom of the second to last column?


This is most probably due to activating custom sensors order. Try to shrink back the columns and then expand. If that won't help, enable the "Fixed order" option in Sensor Settings / Layout.
Thanks for the quick answer!

I haven't changed the order of anything, and Fixed Order is checked. This is a pristine setup, the only changes I have done is adding columns (due to a combination of high core count CPU and wide screen) and carefully adjusted the width of each column to be able to see Current/Min/Max/Average values (it would be awesome if HWiNFO could resize columns automatically).
Hm, Restore Original Order did fix the problem so maybe I _had_ accidentally changed the order?