General temperature monitoring and logging questions....


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Hope someone can confirm I am on the right road. My Hp Envy laptop running Windows 10 Pro randomly just freezes. Can't get to anything to find out why and looking at the event logs couldn't find anything, not surprising, if something locked it up it wouldn't have a chance to log anything. I ran all the diagnostics from HP on motherboard, cpu, memory and disk drives so first step checking hardware looks okay. I am assuming I can trust their tests. Next thought it might be a thermal issue, which is why I am here. I used hwinfo in the past and liked it very much. I am going to get back into it and just wanted to ask if anyone has set up temperature monitoring with this tool and their experiences. I would like to have it monitor the temp and log it so after a freeze up, I can go back and do a little troubleshooting. Thanks in advance!!!