GPU 8PIN Input Voltage reading, possible error


My GPU input voltage shows 10.94v it seems a little to low for even the GPU to power on or run at a stable manner, Could be an offset error? My MB sensors show 12.240 for 12volts.


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This is what the GPU reports, and it's not just the 8-pin, but all other +12V rails. I don't know if it's a bug there, with such low voltages the GPU would probably not be able to run properly.
You might confirm with GPU-Z what that shows.
Similar readings with GPUZ, My GPU is running fine though no crashes or anything. Sounds like my PSU is going bad ?

I removed the 8pin extension cables I was using and It has improve the minimum reading of 11.2V, still a little too low and should be expected around 11.8v - 12.1v maybe ?


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Thanks, must be an uncalibrated sensor on tbe GPU. I was able to get a working digital multimeter and I am getting a read out that is 0.1V close to what HWinfo64 is reporting on 12v whicj is 11.98V to 12.1V