GPU Clock and Power suddenly missing


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Everything had been fine with HWiNFO64 until today when both that GPU clock and GPU total power entries disappeared from the text window and the associated graphs disappeared. In fact, the text window doesn't look right to me (but I can't be sure) with odd looking indenting (see attached image). I uninstalled and reinstalled HWiNFO64 (currently v7.16-4650) and that didn't help. Everything else that I use that reports this stuff is still working fine.

The GPU is a GTX 1070 on a completely up-to-date Windows 10 system with up-to-date drivers.



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Have you maybe hidden them by pressing Shift-Del? Check in Sensor Settings / Layout or try to completely Reset Preferences in HWiNFO.
That fixed it. There were a ton of things hidden. Not sure why - I didn't even know that you could hide things like that. But I do have two cats.

Anyway... Thanks!!! I really appreciate the help!