GPU clock information question


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Hi all,

First of all hello to everyone this is my first post on this forum.

I've got a question (I've tried searching but maybe keywords I used were B$ :angel: ) mainly how does the HWINFO64 GPU clocks are related to nVidia system information?

I'll elaborate:
So in my nVidia system information file my GPU clock is set to 1071 MHz, while HWINFO64 displays GPU: 135.0, Memory: 162.0, and Video: 405.0. Why is that so?
Could someone explain me how is this counted?

This is because the GPU is currently idle and thus reduces clock to preserve power.
If you put some load on the GPU (graphics application, game) you'll see the clock to go up to the requested level.
Thanks for your reply!

Is it possible to induce the stress using HWINFO? I'm looking for the same outcome as in nVidia system information?

I'm looking for system information file for AMD which has similar values as in nVidia system information, hence my question.

If you have any other suggestions I'm all ears.

By the way, great piece of software you've created. hats off to you
No, such a stress is not available in HWiNFO, but there is a lot of other tools that can accomplish this.
Also, sometimes it's enough to open NVIDIA Control Panel (view the rotating NVIDIA logo) to raise the clocks, but this might depend on particular GPU.
Thanks again.

One last thing, maybe you could give me a tool you've mentioned? I'm not sure which one to use, and since you're an author, you could tell me which one is the best to use with HWINFO.