GPU Fan rpm


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SAPPHIRE Radeon R7 350 DirectX 12 100385L 2GB 128-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 CrossFireX Support Video Card

Fan speed = 750,000 rpm???
The values are updating & changing a few hundred rpm, so it's reading it.
Should be more like 750 rpm.


Can you please try to max the fan speed and check what HWiNFO reports in that case and some other reference tool?
GPU-z shows nothing for fan speed rpm
HWiNFO64 shows increase in Fan speed %
Ran Furmark GPU Stress Test
Cooling must be efficient because it leveled off at 76degC

I bought this graphics card because the previous nVidia one made too much fan noise.  I thought this one would be quiet & it is.


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Thanks. Looks like the RPM indicator is completely wrong.. Even if one would divide it by 1000, it would give Min=746, Max=749 which doesn't seem OK.
Are there any other tools (or Radeon Wattman) showing a correct RPM speed perhaps?
SpeedFan reports the same as HWINFO.
Never used Radeon Wattman but will try it.
Can't find the download for Wattman on AMD's website.  Apparently no one else can either.
Radeon™ WattMan is supported on AMD Radeon™ R7 260 Series graphics and higher.
I may have not installed all the features.

It appears that Wattman has been replaced with Global Over Drive.[attachment=3544]


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OP, did you find a solution to this issue?

Wife's Radeon R7 240 is on the fritz. Running VERY loud at 33% fan speed. Driver announces it as 750000 RPM