GPU Fan sensors


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I'm trying to get rainmeter setup with HWiNFO64 and so far its going fine. I have run into an issue trying to pull the GPU fan sensors and nothing is showing up on the sensor list for me to get id's off of.

I've tried forcing them up and restarting HWiNFO and still nothing. The sensors don't show up when the fans are at speed. GPU-Z, HWMonitor, and Open Hardware Monitor all detect the sensors. Atm I'm using the OHM plugin but it doesn't report the % properly to rainmeter(unsupported, I'm aware).

I've uploaded a report created by HWiNFO64. Let me know anything else I can give you to help find my sensors.
Sorry, but I cannot see any attachments, you probably forgot to attach the file.
A HWiNFO Debug File would also be of great help.
Also, try to look at the bottom of the sensors list if there isn't the lost fan...
I'm not sure what happened, but between posting last night and coming home tonight and clicking the log sensors, both values are in the shared memory.

Thank you for your assistance Martin.