GPU Memory Clock sensor disappears-R9 280


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I have a custom osd to see temps info while playing mostly, but I also use to have the GPU clock and memory clock speeds in that custom osd. The problem is that when I start an app or a game that require the custom osd in the corner, the GPU Memory clock disappear from the osd and from the sensor page in hawinfo64. I am using W10-64b, 8gb ram, i5 4690k and R9 280. Here is the debug file:!XYEE3TTb!w-5amZpgCeuH-1-h0p323ug4zkMwJcfdqA_Lq1eYX5s
Does the entire GPU memory clock disappear from the sensors list, or does it drop to 0 ?
Can you please post a screenshot of the HWiNFO sensors screen when it happens ?
Ok it is solved for now, it was a sensor order issue. I reset to default and the problem is solve, I dont know why I didnt try that before......, btw thanks for the quick answer.