GPU Utilization % spikes


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The graph goes up and down from 100% to 0% for my AMD gpu.

This is confirmed by other people using an AMD gpu. "I see this happen in HWInfo under GPU Utilization. Anybody know a fix for this as well?"

MSI Afterburner fixed this and shows 49% to 54% when playing a game. There's an option to check called "Enable unified GPU usage monitoring".

Before this fix, the graph looks like the picture below. The GPU usage goes up and down.

Which GPU is this? Does the "GPU D3D Usage" value in HWiNFO perhaps match the expected values?
Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File for analysis.

The d3d usage looks more normal than the gpu utilization.

It happens on my RX 460 gpu. I'll try to post a debug file later tonight.

Is it easy to just switch to Afterburner's "unified gpu monitoring" option?
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I don't know what exactly the "Unified GPU monitoring" option in Afterburner does. There can be multiple methods to read data from GPU and their accuracy can depend on actual drivers/firmware used.
I talked to Alex (author of MSI Afterburner) a few minutes ago and he confirmed that the "Unified GPU monitoring" option in AB is using the same method as the "GPU D3D Usage" value in HWiNFO.
The odd values seen from the internal AMD sensor have been often observed on Polaris GPUs. Newer ones (Vega, Navi) feature a much more sophisticated monitoring logic.