Graph Initial Position & Updated Position


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WHINFO Pro v7.25-4780 beta

I am trying to understand where HWINFO opens a graph of a sensor item in systems with multiple displays, and when new location coordinates are saved. I am seeing some inconsistent behavior that I will attempt to describe.

My system has 4 assorted displays connected. I attached a snip of the layout. Display #1 is the Main Display in Windows. I have set HWINFO to open the Sensor Status panel full size on display #3. This works fine. If I double-click on a sensor item to open a graph, the graph appears on display #2. This is a 7" stat display mounted inside my case. When the new HWINFO graph opens on that display, it is a pain to get my cursor over there to drag the graph to the display I want.

Once I drag the graph over, if I close the graph at the new location and reopen it, some graphs open at the new location but others (most) will open at the initial location again. Where it will open seems to vary by graph. If I change the size and colors, then close and reopen a graph, the color info is retained but not the size. The color changes will also apply to new graphs. If I save and close, all graphs will reopen where I left them last with final size and color.

So it appears that:
On my system, the default location for new graphs is display #2.
Graph location coordinates, size, and colors are all saved at "save and close".
Graph color changes seem to be saved as they are set and will apply when the graph is reopened, and to all new graphs.
Graph size is not saved when set but is saved at "save and close"
Graph location coordinates seems to be saved when set for some graphs but not for others, and always at "save and close"

I may be totally confused here but my questions are:

What are the default location coordinates for a new graph that has never been opened or altered?
Is there a way to change this globally (so my graphs stop opening on display #2)?
Is the data for graph location coordinates, size, and color written to the registry and if yes, when?
If a graph is dragged to a new location (display), when are the new location coordinates saved?

S6 Display Layout.png
Positions of new graphs (those which were not opened yet, or if you cleared HWiNFO preferences) are decided by Windows.
HWiNFO saves graph positions upon closing in registry under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HWiNFO64\Sensors"
Thanks Martin. Can you be more specific about initial graph location being "decided by Windows"? Is there a way that I can globally change where Windows decides to put a new graph?
I'm sorry, I don't know how this is managed by Windows. When you open a graph for which HWiNFO doesn't have coordinates saved, HWiNFO doesn't provide any position for the new window, so it's positioned by Windows.
OK thanks Martin. It's a minor annoyance that in my case Windows has decided to place new graphs on my small internal display. I wonder if disconnecting all the displays and then reconnecting them in a different order will change which display Windows puts the graph on by default. I'll play around with it.
That might be an interesting test. Windows 11 has also a setting called "Remember window locations based on monitor connection".
Windows 11 setting - That's interesting but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I have decided to stay on Windows 10 (21H2-19044.1741) for awhile longer. I Googled this command and it appears to be present in Windows 11 only. On my other machine, new graphs always appear on the Main display near the upper left corner. That seems like a reasonable default location for items whose location is not otherwise specified.

The machine with "the issue" has 2 internal stat displays that are both somewhat odd resolutions (1024x600 and 1920x480). Rather than route HDMI cables from these internal displays to outputs on my main GPU, I installed 2 old USB-DVI video adapters and an internal USB hub inside the case. The USB-DVI video adapters drive the displays' video inputs. The video adapters plug into an internal USB hub which also provides power for the displays. It works great but its kind of a weird setup. Windows is driving the 2 main displays via the GPU and the 2 stat displays via USB. Maybe this has something to do with it.