Hard/impossible to copy info from Summary Window


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It's simple: CTRL+C doesn't work in any text fields on the summary window.

Selection is easy and possible, but I have to do Right Click > Copy in order to be able to use any info in other programs. Example being: I want to copy CPU/GPU/MB name.
I know that I can access all these information from the tree and then Copy Result, but then what's the point of the System Summary?

It would be also nice if I could copy the drive info from the bottom table or the memory timing information, not to mention the memory module's name and ID on the right (it's a combo box so it's not possible to select the text).


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I'll check that.
You can also get the most important information when you create a Short Report File from the main menu. That's easy to copy.
Thanks for looking.

Yeah, bug generating a report is even more complex than right clicking, the key here would be easy and quick access to text, so I can copy it to whereever, e.g. Chat/Google.
Saving a file, opening it, and then looking throught to find the same info just to copy it is not viable workaround here :)
The next Beta build will add Ctrl-C support for text fields. Other controls (like lists) will be added later.