HDD Failure Question


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Firstly, love this tool.
I've only just noticed this HDD Failure part on the sensors.. I realize it seems obvious because it says "No", but are my HDDs fine? It's just I never noticed this section before and was worried there might be something wrong with my HDDs.


Thanks in advance.
This feature has been added in later versions of HWiNFO.
Reporting of this status is based on examining all SMART drive health parameters, whether they cross the critical thresholds defined by drive vendor. For a detailed status, you might check the SMART status in the main HWiNFO window under Drives.
However, from my experience SMART status reporting and prediction of a possible failure does not always work properly and mainly depends on how well a particular drive vendor has this implemented. For SSD drives, reporting of drive health seems to work better though.
I might be stupid, but did you actually answer my question? Are my drives OK based on that image or are they failing?

Thanks again.
Based on that image, your drives are OK (according to SMART status).
I just wanted to say, that SMART is not always reliable - I've seen drives reporting all parameters OK and then suddenly they failed.