HDD S.M.A.R.T sensors


Hello, I have question
lately i notice my HDD are little bit noisy, in idle when PC doing nothing coming from HDD buzzing noise like they are in heavy load read of write data for short of time but its over and over again in period of time, ( for OS i have SSD and 2 normal HDD so noone can say that OS constantly write something its on SSD so no nise )
so when i watch something its very unpleasantly, i using HW info all day because i can see min/max temps and other stuff, on other program mostly just see current, and today i try turn off HWinfo and buzzing noise are gone so i test turn off some sensors, and when i turn off SMART on HDD noise is gone, so i can use HW info without hearing weird noise, but i cant see temps of my HDD, i try use AIda64 for monitoring but it shows only current state or i dont know where set min/max, but when using aida64 my HDD dont do that weird noise, i try HWmonitor and it can show Min/max and when using it my HDD make that noise too but its not that loud ( or maybe i just think its not that loud but ist still there), i even try set in HWinfo refres timer for sensors on longer period of time but its little bit pointless for sensor refresh every 5-10 min, if i can set it just for SMART sensors is ok but i just found this to work with all sensors

i hope you understand, i use google for translate
This is known to happen for some drives, when just polling the drive SMART status causes it to spin up/down.
I'm not sure if this is a bug in the drive firmware or its drivers, but I'm not aware of a solution for this.