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I'm new to HWINFO, and I was wondering how I can add some visuals or real-time pictures to the (amazing) information that HW is generating? Something I can make sense of at a glance, charts, graphs, etc., anything along those lines really.

I tried clicking on the "Add-Ons" tab. and it brought me to a page that showed several add-ons but when I clicked a few that piqued my interest, it took me to forums, many of which haven't been posted on in years. (See below.) Most of them I just clicked "More information" expecting to learn what exactly the add on did, but instead it took me to Q&A forums, most of which dealt with trouble shooting, and even those posts were above and beyond the "basic" info, directions, and the best use for each was.

Its not that I didn't try, I just don't understand exactly, or even kind of. I know that HW has been around for years (great track record) and it makes sense that it would have add-ons that supported it going back, but I guess I got lost in the rabbit hole.

[If relevant, my CPU specs -Windows 11 Pro, i9 12900, RTX3080 12GB]


What add on should I download to see graphs best suited for 2023?
What do I do to make the add-on work after I download it?

Thanks in advance, and I apologize if this comes off as completely uninformed.

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For example, like this one, Rainmeter, which based on the brief description, I thought might be what I want. When I click "more info" the first forum I see looks very promising, its titled "Rainmeter + HWiNFO - Getting Up and Running" So I click it, and it opens a thread with a few links, the first titled "Working with the HWiNFO plugin. JSMORLEY - RainMeter developer" (I didn't realize at first it was from 2016) and the only follow up post was from a year ago reporting broken links. Then looking at the first and last page, it appears that the most recent thread was created over a year ago and had few responses.

Another example is this one, dating back over a decade

And this one


Sorry for going on and on, I just thought I'd add a little more information.

Thanks again!


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Most of these add-ons were developed by others so it's their responsibility to describe them. I believe some are really well described with very detailed instructions or even links into open-source projects with further information.
As for Rainmeter, there are multiple ways how to use and configure it for HWiNFO and it depends on the actual plugin. Some rely on Shared Memory interface (limited in non-Pro), some others on different interfaces.
I believe this is a nice and detailed guide:

And here further discussion: