Help Understanding GPU Rail Drops & System Sensors under Load


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I've finally finished upgrading my build and worried that some of the readings I'm getting under load aren't within spec - especially pertaining to the GPU sensors and voltage drops. I've kept some logs on two of my other GPUs and have not seen voltage drops as low as these and my other sensors were usually stagnant while under load or idle activities, where now I'm seeing drops in my 12v and 3.3v sensors as well as high VR currents (16 A+ in). Thanks in advance for any feedback as I've tried doing as much research as possible on my own, but I'm honestly getting lost in all of the different sensors.

MSI X570s Tomahawk Max Wifi (newest Bios)
Ryzen 5800X3D
EVGA 3090TI FTW Ultra (EVGA supplied 12 pin to 3x8 pin adapter - running 3 separate 6+2 pig tail pcie cables on separate rails; )
Corsair HX1200 (single rail)
Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1 TB/Crucial P2 1TB
G-Skill 32GB 3600 CL16 (A-XMP 2)

Userbenchmark kombostrike disabled

Another file reflecting GPU voltage drops under load while playing Remnant (max settings & Kombostrike 3 enabled)

5800X3D_REM_GPU-11.4.2022 (4).JPG

For reference, here is a file with same GPU but a Ryzen 5600X, and Corsair RM850 (2021)
EVGA 3090 TI 10.22.2022 (Mem 18_20) (2).JPG
Last file I found while playing God of War on a Ryzen 5600X, and Corsair RM850 (2021) MSI 3080 Gaming Z Trio 12GB,

GOW 3080.JPGGOW 3 3080.JPG