help with drive statistics readings going grayed out


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so randomly my secondary and third drive stop reporting in hwinfo.. smart will still be there but the stats will be gone.. this is the first time i've seen them grayed out other than total read/writes. any idea what would be causing this? the primary drive that i never have issued with is the 970 evo.
Screenshot 2023-07-16 020411.png
That means the system doesn't return valid data for those disk performance statistics.
so it does sometimes but not all the time? as some times it works then other times it doesnt. and sometimes the drive stats for the 870qvo and the 990 pro just disappear completely
i just found a setting in Samsung software to keep the 990 from going into sleep mode so im going to see if that fixes it for that drive.. there isnt the same option for the 860 tho... but maybe it has to do with that as the 970 is the main drive so it probably doesnt go into sleep mode as it is always being used by the os while the 990 is a secondary drive.