Help with reading core utilization?


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I'm building a Rainmeter skin. Discovered that rainmeter doesn't actually report core utilization, but thread. I have a 3900x, with 12 cores, but I see T0 and T1 usage which I assume is also thread (0 and 1). So how do I figure out how much a given core is being utilized? I basically just want the data for utlization of each total core (percentage of), not the individual threads. I'm find with actually using SMV, I just need to know which labels are the correct ones to reference.

Any help would be appreciated.
T0 is always the "real" core and T1 is the HT unit.
From Operating System perspective there's not much difference between them and the usage reported is at OS level.
Following up on this (and sorry for necro).

I want to know each cores usage for benchmarking. Should I only be caring about the T0 usage or T1 as well? What about a custom sensor adding both together? Good idea, bad idea?