How do I find which sensor is which?


There are so many. I didn't find any documentation, or list of generic sensors!

Also it is confusing that CPU voltages are under motherboard and I don't see motherboard 12V rail anywhere!

I tried to find them 1 by 1, when I need something, but there are so many and everyone has different. It finds something similar I don't have e.g. It would take week to find them all...

How Am I even supposed to know, what is where?

Upgrade to the latest version (7.0+), that will show you extensive descriptions for each value when hovering over them.
It doesn't show anything, I tried multiple times and also didn't find anything in settings :( I AM using portable x64 7.00 BTW
Which operating system do you have? Is the "Show Tooltips" option in sensor settings enabled?
Windows 10, there is no sensor settings LOL! I also found another setting at program startup and didn't find it there also. Also clicked to all categories and can't find anything!
Can you post a screenshot of the sensors window? Sensor settings can be reached by the wheel button on bottom of the sensors window.
LOL it is already checked so that's why I missed that. I tried to hoover across 20 things and even same thing again, as sometimes it is buggy in other programs. But nothing ever

EDIT: I launched today HWINFO 2 times and now it is mysteriously showing LOL...


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