How many watt my CPU use ?

I have Intel i3 [email protected] in my laptop, it uses about 6.2 - 7watts when at 0-7%load. Is that normal for a mobile processor ? It just goes to 8.5 watts under 100% load!

Seriously, there is only 2-3 watt differences between 0-7% usage to maximum 100%.

I am really curious to know this, is my CPU using too much power when sitting (almost) idle or it's using really less power at 100% load ?

It's a 25TDP processor. I never saw it go beyond 8.5 - 9watt under 100% load but sometimes it shows 16-18watt (i don't know why, but it never hits 16-18 under 100% load for sure).

Anyway here have a laptop, please let me know 0-5%/100% power consumption and please list your processor TDP too!
TDP (Thermal Design Power) is a value specifying the maximum thermal power the processor is allowed dissipate (and the cooling system should be able to handle). This is different from the power consumed by the processor.
Most code/applications that you run on the CPU are not able to stress the CPU to a level near the TDP limit. This can be achieved only by running special crafted code which stresses all execution units to the maximum extent.
So in my opinion, even though the CPU usage is reported as 100%, it's not stressing the CPU close to the TDP limit.
I checked it briefly on an i5 3210M.

Idle (1-2%): 2.5W
WinRAR bench (100%): 12W
7zip bench (100%): 14-15W
Unigine Heaven: Usually around 16W, peak 20W
FurMark: peak 22W

The 3210M has a 35W TDP. It's the same as your 350M (which is not 25W, unless you discount the graphics element). I don't know what's expected, but the 350M is an older generation with maybe less savings for idle.