How to confgure trayicon to display few numbers for RAM usage and others values ?


When selecting RAM Usage and CPU Clock frequency to be displayed in trayicon both use values that use a litle font being hard to read.
RAM usage 1400 MB
CPU Clock 3500 MHZ

Is few space in tray to display values with much numbers.

Is possible configure to be displayed in trayicon RAM usage with values in GB and CPU Clock with values in GHZ ?

Thanks for reply.
You can use a custom multiplier (or divider if you use an inverted value like 0.001) in sensor settings.
Thanks for your reply.
Unhappily i had changed in "customize values" and "tray icon" being in both in multiply several values and not has the value correct in tray icon.
What setting and value is need to be displayed in tray icon "Physical memory used in GB example 1,2 GB" and "Core 0 Clock example 2,5 GB".
Thanks for read and have a nice day.
Currently Physical memory used is 2,7 GB being displayed in sensor status 2,789 GB using multiplier 1.
If is used 0.001 is displayed wrong value.3 GB.