How to disable welcome warning - This is a 64-bit system and HWiNFO32 - List of all HWiNFO32.ini settings available


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Hello Friends,

While opening 32 bit version I got welcome warning:

This is a 64-bit system and HWiNFO32 might not work properly here. Use HWiNFO64 instead.

I would like to disable it on startup. Is there some sort of HWiNFO32.ini settings to accomplishe that?

I was looking for some documentation of available settings HWiNFO32.ini - can't find any reference - can someone point me to one?
Sorry, this warning can't be disabled.
What is the reason of running HWiNFO32 on a 64-bit system when it might not work properly there?
Hi @Martin - It may be some license issues -afaik HWiNFO32 is Freeware - can't run 64bit for given host.
I'm just interested on temperature data - and they seam to work good enough for my use case on 32bit version.

What about list of settings available from HWiNFO32.ini file - is such reference exists?
There isn't such list and all settings needed are available via GUI in main settings.
HWiNFO64 is freeware as well - for non-commercial use.